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Are you living your best life? Do you have it all figured out with work, your relationships, your health and life in general?  Well, the truth is enjoying these elements of life is what we all desire. 

Your best life is about you enjoying a life of happiness and success. While each element of your best life will be unique to you, there will be common threads. Let’s look at some of those elements.

Work/Life Harmony

For most people, work is essential in order to earn an income. It’s about survival. But for others, they have enough money that they don’t actually need to work. Whether or not you need to work is not the issue. The issue occurs when work takes over your life and everything you do revolves around it. 

In other words, you may find that you’re spending too many hours working and not enough time resting or socializing. Maybe you are not maximizing your productivity and getting the most out of your workday

This could cause you to start resenting your work situation. You may also notice that all work and no play negatively impacts your life, health and relationships.

A healthy work/life balance is therefore important. It allows you to get stuff done at work without compromising your time for family and friends, and other personal interests. Imagine having time to take up a hobby you always wanted to have!

Action Item

Consider hiring a business coach to help you develop an effective plan to maximise productivity. 

Your Goals

We all need goals. Goals are important in our personal and business life, but do you set them? Goals help us to create positive changes and to enjoy our best life. If you feel like you’re just going with the flow and lack inspiration, then now is the time to change that. 

What do you really want for your business? Your family? For your relationships? For you? Take a look back on your life and ask yourself, “What gets me fired up or excited? What does my best life look and feel like?” 

Understanding your why and setting goals toward achieving it, will have a positive impact on your life.

Action Item

Think about what you want and then write down the steps you can take to achieve it.

Your Relationships

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We all need relationships. As the familiar saying goes, “No man is an island.” It is through relationships that we connect and support each other. And if you want to live your best life, you’d want to have positive and supportive persons in your circle. 

It is ok to remove negative persons from your business and social circles. And if removing them completely isn’t possible, then find ways to manage your reactions when you interact with them.

Toxic relationships consume your time, energy and positivity. And in return, you tend to feel stress and anxiety. Do you have any toxic relationships?

Action Items

Think about your negative relationships and how you will handle them. 
Nurture and develop those relationships that bring you happiness, love, friendship and support.
Consider hiring a life coach to help you improve your relationships and live a more fulfilling life. 

Your Health

plan to eat healthier

Your health is essential. As business owners, we tend to spend hours on our clients’ projects. And this sometimes means we skip meals, eat the wrong foods or neglect exercise. So it’s important to schedule time to eat healthy meals and to exercise. A few stretches during our day are also beneficial. They will help to get the endorphins (feel-good hormones) flowing.

Action Items

Prepare healthy snacks for the week. 
Have a week’s supply of fruit juices, water and other healthy drinks in your refrigerator. 
Take regular breaks from the desk. Schedule 15 minutes each day to do simple exercises. 

Your Happiness

If someone were to ask you, “Are you happy?” Will you immediately say yes? Or would you pause to think? 

Things will happen that cause unhappiness but these moments should be temporary. Always have a backup plan to help you through these situations. A backup plan could also help you to see the positives and regain a sense of control. 

Remember, you are in control of your happiness and your feelings. Don’t give that power away. As Stephen Covey shares in his 90/10 principle: 10% of life is made up of what happens to you; 90% is decided by how you react.

Action Items

Write down 3-5 affirmations and say them daily. Watch yourself in the mirror while you say them.
Keep a journal and record one thing you’re thankful for each day.


What makes you feel alive and that life is worth living? What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning and take hold of the day? Do you know your why?

  • Is it managing your clients’ social media accounts, email marketing or administrative tasks?
  • Empowering others?
  • Sharing your story to inspire women?

When you figure it out, you will be holding the key to living your best life every day.

Action Items

Make a list of things you enjoy.
List your dreams and goals.
Create a vision board, including images and quotes that reflect what your best life would look like.

Final Thoughts

Your best life is the one that only you could create. And, unfortunately, it wouldn’t happen with the click of a finger. Although we may wish to flash a magic wand or get a genie to grant us three wishes, it takes time and commitment to make the most out of our lives. It’s time to dream, plan, act and create your best life! It will be worth the effort.

My Planning for a Successful New Year bundle will help you create a plan to live your best life. Take advantage of the opportunity today!

Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these business plan tips. Share in the comments below.


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