How to Get Clients for Your Virtual Assistant Business

how to get clients

When you decided to start your business, you had particular goals. These may include freedoms of time, location, and money, which you probably identified on your vision board. And your hope of achieving these goals was strongly dependent on finding the right clients. So where are you now? Are you having issues getting clients for your virtual assistant business? Here are some tips you could try today to grow your business. 

Start small

Approach small business owners who need help but are not in a position yet to hire full-time staff. Maybe they can’t afford it, don’t have the resources, or are afraid to take that step. Despite these reasons, small business owners usually need help to get tasks done, especially if it’s just them. 

As a virtual assistant, promote yourself as a great alternative to full-time staff with reasonable rates they can afford. This can be an opportunity for you to build a strong relationship with a growing business from the start. When they do get to a place where they can hire more, they may find it hard to let you go.

You can use this client prioritization table template to help you find the best clients to pitch to.

Give thought to your email subject line.

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Your email subject line will be the first thing potential clients see when they run through their emails. In many cases, this alone will impact whether they open your email or skip over it. Before you rush to send out your email, take the following steps:

  • Know your audience.
  • Do some research to understand their needs, preferences, and personality.
  • Create a subject line that will appeal to them at first glance.

Identify their needs.

Do a little investigation on a potential client to understand his or her needs. For instance, visit the client’s website and social media platforms. You may identify some areas that you think would be valuable to include or improve. For instance, is it short on blog posts? Is his or her social media content weak? If you can identify a need, then this can be a good focus for your pitch. Tell your potential client why he or she should address this need and how you can help.

In those few words in your email pitch, be sure to give potential clients everything they’ll need to make a quick decision. Emphasize your experience, your expertise, and share links to samples of your work. If you are comfortable you can also share your pricing. These elements can help them determine if a reply is worth their time.

Get to the point.

Usually, the person opening your email has countless others in his or her inbox. And, he or she has other duties to perform. Clients are often busy so you don’t want to waste their time. Make your email as short as you can and get straight to the point. 


Tap into your current clients’ connections. They may know people who need your services. Have you ever thought of offering a client a discount or even a free service for referring new clients to your business? This might not work for all your current clients, but there might be some who would be happy to help you in this way. Pitch the idea to your current clients. You never know until you ask.

Final Thoughts

Finding clients is usually one of the most challenging aspects of being a small business owner. However, there are steps you could take to help you remain in the game. Try these tips to get clients for your virtual assistant business and let us know in the comments which ones worked for you. We would love the feedback.

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