This page shows the list of resources we use and it contains affiliate links. In other words, if you make a purchase through one of the links, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Website Management


This site enables you to build any website that you desire. It is a robust platform whether you’re starting a blog, a business site, or an online store.


It’s the templates, the ease and the freeness of building pages for our WordPress website for us! Its drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to create just about anything on the website in no time!

Web Hosting 


A web hosting company that runs on Google Cloud that allows smooth and continuous Site Building and Website Management. They offer fast and reliable web hosting, and they are reasonably priced.

Domain Name


Before you start building your website, you need to secure a domain name. Namecheap has an automated domain name generator and “free” domain name transfer if you already have a domain name. it also provides you with alternatives if your name is already taken.

LMS Platforms


If you’ve been thinking of creating your online course, we fully recommend checking out Thinkific. You can accomplish your course creation and student success goals faster with Thinkific!

Thinkific offers a very clean and user-friendly interface. It is easy to set up your courses and its drag and drop feature is perfect for the non-techy who wants a nice-looking landing page. Thinkific also has an app store with tools that you could integrate with your site to give users a full student experience. 

What we also love is you could have one course on the platform for FREE! This is perfect when you’re now starting and want to test out your course.


If you want to sell your videos online then you’ve got to check out Uscreen. This is a game-changer! With this platform, you could:

💡 Sell subscriptions, one-time access, bundles, and rentals

▶️ Monetize your live streams

📲 Launch your own OTT apps

Client Management


Clients are the core of our business. To keep up with all things client-related, this is our go-to. Adminja helps us with status reports,  connecting forms to our website, managing tasks, tracking our time, and invoicing. This CRM connects with PayPal and Stripe (if you’re in the US) to make payments a seamless process. 


How about an all-in-one platform to save you some time? SuiteDash is an excellent solution…it’s a CRM, an LMS platform, a marketing tool…and the list goes on! If you prefer to have all of your key business processes in one place, SuiteDash is the way to go!

Financial Management


The name speaks for itself. It’s one of our top choices when it comes to receiving and issuing payments to international clients and employees.


Another amazing option to pay and get paid! Withdraw money directly to your local bank account or use a debit card to withdraw at your local ATM. If you have team members with Payoneer accounts, you could also use the platform to pay them instantly.


If you’re looking for a Caribbean alternative with lower processing fees, this may be your best option. The one issue, though, is that WiPay is not in all Caribbean countries, so do your research first.

Project Management 


This project management tool allows you to mark your ideas down with your team and watch them come to life with the assistance of your personal butler. Trello helps you to stay organised in your personal life too. Create a board for each project, sync up with your Google Calendar, set your deadlines for each task, and enjoy great visual views.

Time Tracking


This app is always one click away as it offers a browser extension, connects to all devices, and keeps running in the background to track your time.

File Storage, etc 

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Give your business a professional touch with Google Workspace. This cloud-based platform is your one-stop shop for all of your business needs. It includes Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Meet, and more. Plus, it is safe and efficient with lots of storage.

Calendar Management


This is heaven-sent for scheduling and preventing double booking as you would be able to link all your calendars. 

Password Management

Apple built-in

If you have an Apple device, bite into this Keychain access app! This app views and manage your logins and other keychains.


Not a MAC user? No worries! LastPass would create, remember and fill in passwords for you. Then it is easy to give team members access to your platforms without worrying about the need for multiple passwords.

Graphics/Stock Photos


We enjoy doing our own graphics. And for a quick fix, this is a free and easy way to go.

You could get amazing photos from Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

Email Marketing


Email marketing made easy with properties like automation, landing pages and surveys! We love the simplicity of this platform, and best of all, it’s free up to 1,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails per month.

Video Conferencing 


This is a reliable platform across the globe for virtual visual communication. Use it for discovery calls, team meetings, and webinars. Its breakout rooms also allow you to have separate group meetings do more personalized discussions.

Google Meet

If you use Google Workspace, then it’s worth your time to try Google Meet. It syncs easily with your Google Calendar and sends out reminders on your behalf. And depending on your Workspace plan, you have the option to record your meetings. We use this mainly for internal meetings.


Skype has been around for a very long time, and it is still a reliable option. It offers video messaging that comes in handy for a visual demonstration. You could also get a designated Skype number for international calls.



If you prefer to be away from the busyness of Social Media, this is a great option. Slack is a business communication platform that allows you to connect with different teams and projects. You could have private, and group chats or even do video and voice calls.

Facebook Messenger

If Facebook is one of your go-to social media pages for your business, then it’s imperative to download the messenger.  Your clients may prefer to connect with you here.


Fast, reliable, safe and free communication app that works exceptionally well with mobile phones. There is also a desktop app that allows you to communicate from your desk while working.

Social Media Tools


Automate your social media posts with this really cool tool. This tool has made our lives so much easier. It allows us to post on multiple platforms at once. We use it for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business. And the best part is, we could connect 30 pages on our current plan. Isn’t that amazing!!!


Plan ahead and be consistent with your social media posting. This social media scheduler helps you save time and money.


A great marketing strategy to keep your audience connected to you! With all these social media platforms and websites, your clients could be connected to all your content with one click.



Need access to websites outside of your region? Have no fear. ExpressVPN is here! This platform gives you access to the world with no restrictions. Also, wouldn’t you say it is better to be safe than sorry when running and marketing your business online?  ExpressVPN provides security and prevents your business from unwanted exposure.