Business Process Automation for Your Virtual Assistant Business

Business Process Automation

Business process automation is crucial since it is impossible to do it all yourself. I think we can all agree on that. This is especially true if your virtual assistant business is on a growth path. At this point, you should be stepping away from trying to be “chief, cook, and bottle washer.” 

To handle growth the right way you can start thinking of ways to do more by doing less. To enable this, business process automation is a very important consideration. 

Business process automation can help you avoid the frustration and burnout that can occur when you are trying to accomplish every detail manually and on your own. It is also an important approach to consider when scaling a business.

Why you should automate your business

Are important tasks not getting done and are deadlines being missed? Are you working another 12-hour day? Do you feel overwhelmed because your to-do list is longer at the end of the day?

Well, business process automation allows you to take a completely hands-off approach. While you’re traveling the world or snoring at 12 in the afternoon, that automated system could be working for you. 

Better yet, doing less manually gives you more time to focus on the things that matter most in your virtual assistant business. Also, it saves time, effort, money, and can even increase efficiency. 

How to automate your business processes

So what can you automate in your virtual assistant business to enable or support growth? Here is a list:

1. Paid Traffic

paid traffic
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A virtual assistant’s success depends on people…clients. That is why it is important to keep your business in people’s focus. You need a presence online as a way of attracting new clients to your business. This is especially important for a virtual assistant business as yours is an online business. Hence, a website. 

Your virtual assistant website is where you’d list your services, rates, samples of your work, your portfolio, testimonials, or anything that will build awareness and draw potential clients to your business.

However, getting organic traffic to your website is not an easy thing to do and can be time consuming. It requires consistent and strategic content creation and management to keep people coming organically. 

For example, you need content that will keep you constantly present in and at the top of your potential clients’ search results on Google. Things like search engine optimization become important. 

But the reality for virtual assistants is that the time you spend building content to attract clients is time you can be giving back to focusing on those very clients you are trying to attract. 

How can you automate traffic to your website? Think about investing in some quality paid traffic. Your options include:

  • Paid search: e.g. Google Ads 
  • Social media ads: e.g. Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads

While you should still produce content to keep your audience engaged and to stay relevant, with paid traffic you won’t have to produce too much solely for the purpose of getting business/clients. There’s less pressure to keep pushing out content to get clients to keep your business going because advertising draws these clients in automatically.

2. Email Automation

business process automation email automation
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Are you manually sending tons of emails per day from scratch? For some emails, this might be required, but definitely not for all.


Maybe it is someone booking a meeting with you. Is it someone who bought your eBook? Is it someone who signed up to get updates on your blog? 

Chances are some of those emails you want to send can easily be addressed with autoresponses:

  • Set up a friendly autoresponse email for people who book meetings with you on your website telling them what to expect.
  • Nurture buyers with a ‘thank you’ autoresponse email. 
  • Welcome someone who has decided to sign up for something you are offering on your website. You can use autoresponse to give them guidance and introduce them to your services.

You can even use autoresponses to upsell your virtual assistant services. Make additional offers based on what your clients have shown an interest in. 

For instance, did they give a five star rating for a particular service? Maybe you could send an autoresponse letting them know what else you can do.

The best part? Even when you can’t, your autoresponses will continue to work. 


Are you sending pitches to potential clients? Are you addressing a common issue? Certain types of emails can easily be addressed with templates. 

Most, if not all, email providers allow you to create and save email templates. These are pre-created email responses that you can use to populate the body of your email. It prevents you from having to write common emails from scratch. 

So identify the types of emails that are common for your business, create standard responses, and save those as templates. The next time an email like that comes in, rather than building a response from scratch, simply add your template and tailor where necessary. Easy, right?

3. Social Media Management

business process automation social media management
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Scheduled posts allow you to create posts in advance and set them to be published at a set time later. There are ways to schedule posts for several social media sites. 

Pick a time when you are most inspired and plan social media content for a week or even a month if you can. Create and schedule these posts. This will save you from having to log in every day just to post to keep your social media alive. 

You might find yourself saving hours of time each and every month. Furthermore, planning and scheduling in advance saves you from missing an important update.

4. Calendar Management

business process automation calendar management
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Imagine endless emails going back and forth with a client trying to figure out the best time to meet for a call. That is something that can easily be avoided with an automated calendar that you can add to your website. 

Simply keep that calendar updated with your availability. Then send your calendar link to the client so they can, in their own time, choose a time that works for them. The time they book will automatically appear on your calendar. 

There are great tools available to help you automate your calendar. Some include:

  • Calendly
  • Doodle

Final Thoughts

These are only some ways you can enable business process automation in your daily virtual assistant tasks

Automation is important for scaling a business. Plus, it saves you from having to do it all yourself. As you grow, it is important to find ways to do more by doing less. You can start by implementing these four ideas. Need help to automate your business? Then contact us and let’s help you get started.

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