Brainstorm Your Online Course Workbook

You have a fantastic course topic in mind but how do you take it further. Sometimes a little help could get your thoughts flowing.

With our Brainstorm Your Online Course Workbook, we can help you get your online course idea out of your head and out to your audience.

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Ready to brainstorm your online course?

Don't let course creation keep you stuck

I get it.

You are so amazing at what you do and there’s so much you want to share with your audience. But…you can’t help them all with 1:1 coaching sessions.

If only there were another way!

Well, there is! With an online course. 

You’ve probably had these thoughts so many times:

I have an excellent topic for my course but I am not quite sure who my target audience should be.

I’ve been sharing my expertise for several years and people love what I do. I think it’s time I created an online course. I’m sure there are lots of benefits to doing this.

Sounds like you?

Then, the Brainstorm Your Online Course Workbook is an excellent place to start. This workbook will help you get those thoughts out of your head and bring clarity to your course idea.

Brainstorm Your Online Course

The workbook focuses on 4 key areas:

Hi, I'm Desi-Ann

A common concern among virtual service providers is how to package their knowledge and experience into an online course. That’s where I come in.

Since 2019, I’ve been helping my clients convert their course topic idea out of their heads into online courses that their audience needs. I could do the same for you!

By combining my higher ed experience and training, I created this workbook to help you brainstorm your why, your ideal student, and the type of course to deliver.

Owner of Caribbean Virtual Assistants
Get the workbook here.
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