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About My Journey

In 2008, I wanted to work from home. I was having my first child and, like almost every mother, I wanted to be home. I wanted to be the perfect mother who is always available. 

But the truth is: That didn’t happen until 2017!

Yes, sometimes we have to wait to see our dreams become a reality. And it was not for a lack of determination. But life happens.

I truly enjoyed my career in higher education. However, I was ready for a new experience. So in came 2017 when I was unemployed. It was MY time to start over and pursue what was bubbling inside of me for years!!!

My Life Now

I work from home (and doing what I enjoy).

I moved from a full-time employee to self-employed with a flexible schedule.

My clients are local, regional and international business owners.

I am spending more time with my husband and my 2 children than I ever did before!

AND, I am helping other women to build their businesses and enjoy the lives they always wanted to have.

Is it all a bed of roses? No!

Roses have thorns, remember? So some days are tough.

But, I knew WHY I wanted to do this and I stayed focused. And I could help you too.

Caribbean VA Coach

How About You?

Do you want the freedom to set your own work schedule?

Are you craving a more flexible lifestyle?

Are you tired of missing important family events?

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