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What are your learning outcomes? How many lessons? What learning supports will be included?

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What content should you write for your online course? How about your slides, worksheets, assessments?

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All of my content material is created and ready for my audience. But wait! the tech stuff  😩

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Course Creation VA

I'm Desi-Ann AKA The VA Mom

With over 15 years of work experience in higher education and a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, I enjoy bringing concepts to life.  I’m putting all of my training to use by helping my clients share their expertise with their audience.

As a Course Creation Strategist, I work with my clients to identify their unique strengths and create courses that fit their style and personality, while also catering to the needs of their audience.

Coaches, authors, trainers and course creators hire my agency to help them:

  • decide the purpose and topic for their online courses
  • design their course outline
  • develop their course content 
  • deliver their courses using appropriate tools and platforms

By working with me, you can transform your knowledge and experience into valuable online courses that help you expand your reach, grow your business, and share your message with the world.

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